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Unlike Sarah, T4 rumour won’t die

Seems the see-saw news updates on whether Arnold Schwarzenegger is in ‘’Terminator Salvation’’ have died down a bit… to path way for the ‘is she or isn’t she?’ round-the-clock news updates on whether Linda Hamilton is, as rumoured, coming back to play Sarah Connor in the film.

According to, that Polaroid picture of Sarah Connor will indeed make a comeback in the new film … and yes, it will bear Linda Hamtilon’s likeness. Thing is, Hamilton doesn’t know nothing about it – and she should, considering Warner Bros would have to pay to use her picture, right?

The site apparently chatted to someone involved in “Terminator Salvation” at Comic Con who told them they’ll indeed be using the Hamilton photo in the film.

“Linda is the only way to go to honor the original Terminator films and to tie our films together”, they were told. “We’re big fans of The Sarah Connor Chronicles but we’re either going with Linda or shooting the actors holding a picture. The audience is smart enough to realize what they are looking at. We just need to contact Linda still.”

A couple of weeks have passed, and Hamilton’s people claim they still haven’t been contacted – so don’t know whether she’s involved or not.

“I can’t give an answer and until we’re approached, we have no idea”, a representative for Hamilton said.

If Hamilton is willing to come back – and it seems she’s very keen – to do a couple of flashback scenes for the film, the producers would be mad not to take her up on her offer. She’s a big part of the “Terminator” series and I don’t think I’m in alone in saying that one – just one, we don’t have a page – of the reasons “Terminator 3” blew was that Hamilton’s Sarah Connor didn’t appear in it.

When you think about it, she’s the real star of this show – – and its real hero. More so, we’d love to see her again.

From what I’ve heard, Jonathan Nolan is essentially rewriting a big chunk of the script as they film – including tweaking the ending (which was leaked early) – so it’s possible they can still squeeze Sarah into proceedings somewhere. Guess we’ll see.

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