Ritchie on Rock N Rolla ending

‘Charley’ caught an interview with “Rock N Rolla” director Guy Ritchie, and star Gerard Butler, on a UK TV show tonight. The boys had some interesting things to say about the film – largely on how it’ll end.

In a separate interview today, Ritchie reportedly even mentioned his interest in having Russell Crowe play Dr. Watson in his upcoming “Sherlock Holmes” flick (which apparently hasn’t even got a script yet, so could be a ways off).

Here’s Charley :

Guy Ritchie and Gerard Butler were on BBC Breakfast discussing the release of Rock N Rolla, with its London Premiere tonight in Leicester Square.

Ritchie: “I actually shot the film with no ending and once it’s done, we er.. assess it and see..”

Butler: “It’ll be a trilogy, so..”

Ritchie: ” Gerry does survive, yes. he was too good looking to get rid of him! The idea was to do a trilogy, so people’ll see this one and we’ll see how we go.”

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