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Sly directing Rambo 5

Filming next year in Bulgaria

Seems Sylvester Stallone doesn’t just have one more Rambo movie left in him – he has two.
We were informed this morning that Millennium/Nu-Image wants two more jaunts out of the scarred Vietnam Vet.

The aging action-hero has already written “Rambo 5” – rumoured to be shooting next year in Bulgaria, though set in the United States – and is about to put pen to paper on a sixth installment of the series. Also, the next two films won’t be War films like the original movies (actually, I wouldn’t call “First Blood” a War movie – that was just a good-time thriller) but just straight-up action thrillers. The bandana may make reappearance yet.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter states that Stallone, who helmed last year’s “Rambo”, will also direct “Rambo 5”. Sounds like Stallone has it written into his contract now that he’s to direct all his movies from now on? And I’m all for it – he did a knock up job on “Rocky Balboa” and “Rambo”.

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