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Daredevil Begins?

Not surprisingly, considering how forgettable the previous film incarnation was (though the director’s cut is quite good – check it out), FOX are considering rebooting the “Daredevil” film franchise.

According to an article in Variety, Tom Rothman’s troupe are not only looking into doing more “X-Men” spin-off pics, as well toying with the idea of doing a “Deadpool” movie starring Ryan Reynolds – something they’ve been ummming and aaahing about for years now – but they’re considering bringing Matt Murdock back – sans Ben Affleck behind the cherry facade.

Though nobody’s on studio radar yet (that we know of), Jason Statham’s said to be pretty keen on playing Daredevil. Can’t see that working though. But then, I didn’t see Edward Norton working as, er, The Incredible Hulk and he was brilliant.

The original “Daredevil”, starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, did do quite well upon release – though didn’t garner “Spider-Man” or “Dark Knight” like figures. It set a Memorial Day weekend record with $45 million at the box office on its opening weekend. FOX had expected it to gross a little more on that first week, around $51 million, but the East Coast snowstorm at the time kept some potential moviegoers indoors. Unfortunately, the film fell by about 60% in its second weekend.

FOX’s newly-announced plans for all these sequels and spin-offs comes off the back of reports that FOX had their worse Summer in years prompting the studio to – as I predicted in this week’s Caffeinated Clint – neuter some of the more original projects they have in development and instead concentrate on their franchises… which are considered more of an easy-sell.

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