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The Internet Vs. Iron Man

I watched the ”Iron Man” DVD a couple of weeks ago – and to tell you the truth, didn’t notice any difference between it and the theatrically-released version. But apparently there is (though you’d have to looking damn closely to spot the difference).

Remember how Paramount shut down IESB for taking pictures from the set of “Iron Man” a year or so back?  If so, you’ll also remember how Paramount ended up using one of IESB’s images in the movie – the end sequence, where Stark’s seen riding the ‘Who is the Iron Man?’ story in the newspaper.

This one :


I remember seeing this and thinking it’s pretty low – the studio can shut down their website, but yet use their images in the movie? That sits about as right as a gran with half-an-ass. One’s supposed to have morals…. Why not the other?

Anyway, seems Ronnie Adams, the photographer who took the set picture, is suing Paramount for illegally using his image in the movie. I guess it’s only fair…. treat others as they treat you.

The result? Collider says the lawsuit has led to the image being removed from the DVD version of “Iron Man”, ‘’replaced with a decidely more vanilla close-up of the hero”.

Be interesting to see how the lawsuit pans out.

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