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Tim Burton doing next Pirates?

One of Cinema Blend’s more reliable insiders says that Tim Burton could be directing ”Pirates of the Caribbean 4”.

Go with it… it doesn’t sound that far-fetched – not since Burton and star Johnny Depp are pretty much tied at the hip. And not since Disney’s currently working with the famed filmmaker on “Alice in Wonderland” – which’ll no doubt be one of their big hits of the next twelve months.

Still, there’s no deal yet, but apparently if Gore Verbinski decides he’s had enough of swashbuckling Jack Sparrow, Burton is waiting in the wings. Hey, maybe they’ll just bypass Verbinski and go straight to Burton? I know I would. I for one would love to see a Burton-helmed “Pirates” film. Might just breathe new life into the tired franchise. The last two installments were sleepy…. Almost overkill.

Casting-wise, Geoffrey Rush is said to be rejoining Depp for the new flick (no word on Keira or Orlando – chances are they’re both out) and Disney are on the hunt for a name to play Sparrow’s brother in the film. Sascha Baron Cohen and Russell Brand (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) are said to be atop of the wish list. And, of course, if Burton ends up directing it’s a sure-thing that Helena Bonham-Carter is going to be in there somewhere too.

Let’s wait and see how this one pans out…

…. and here’s a spunky pic of Keira… just for kicks!

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