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Expendables Characters

There are still about a dozen more juicy roles to fill in Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables” – so I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the big names – and I was lucky enough to check out the breakdowns earlier today.

I won’t reveal all the characters, just a few. Among the roles still available : two female agents (Sly’s apparently aiming big for both), the ‘boss man’ that initially hires ‘The Expendables’ (the character reads like everything Alan Dale’s done in the past – but hopefully Sly’s got more smarts than to hire Mr.Been There, Done That) and quite a few villain-types.

Here’s a few of the roles still being cast :

Agent Diane Lickson – C.I.A agent, based out of Langley. She’s determined to find out the identities of the hired-contractors (Stallone, Statham, Lundgren etc) but the only video footage they have of the guys is grainy and unwatchable so the facial recognition software is useless. Her colleague, agent Will ‘Willy’ Sands (Forest Whitaker), whose been out of the field for about seven years, is called in to assist her. He’s convinced the team of mercenaries is lead by someone he’s had a previous run-in with.

Church – The man that hires the ‘Expendables’ (run by ‘Barney’ and ‘Christmas’, assumingly the characters played by Stallone and Statham, respectively) to go after General Garza (who essentially runs his own island – described as a human rights graveyard). He’s an older bloke, and has a connection to the young man who Garza has apparently assassinated. This is personal, in other words. He wants Garza killed and his island burnt down. Five million dollars does the trick. (The rumour is, the role was written with Arnold Schwarzenegger in mind).

B.W Monroe – The Female chief intelligence officer, also determined to find out the identities of the ‘Expendables’ – largely Barney and Christmas. Her main interest is keeping The Expendables away from classified company operations that are already underway in the [Garza’s] area. She’s not that fond of ‘Willy’ Sands – considering he once [Johnny Utah-esque] let one of the Mercenaries escape.

Karen – a beautiful Raven-haired waitress; one of Christmas’s many past conquests. He doesn’t remember her – but she remembers him (he even gave her a ring).

Emanuel – a seedy contact of The Expendables. He, 45, doesn’t like to say things twice. They meet him at a club to do business. Seems a little bit shady.

Dan Paine – the head of General Garza’s security detail. His orders are to take the Expendables out. He eventually snags one of the mercenaries and tries to siphon details out of him. (This could be the part Randy Couture recently snagged; unconfirmed).

So there you have it. Expect more announcements soon I guess. It’s actually going to make a great movie, I believe, this one. It kicks off like “The Dirty Dozen” with Sly and Statham jet setting around to grab their team members – one owns a restaurant and bar; lots of good moments in his intro sequence – and ramps up the action as it progresses. The whole scenario’s like, say, “Clear and Present Danger” on acid.

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