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Weaver on Alien 5 : ‘Enough Already’

Poor Sigourney Weaver.

The actress, a presenter tonight, was inundated with questions backstage at the Golden Globes – but they weren’t about any of her new films. Nope, they were all about the oft-rumoured “Alien 5”.

And it sounds like Weaver’s just about had her fill. One almost expected her to slowly open her jaw as wide as she could, let rip a punnet of drool, and take a chunk out of each reporter’s face.

“I think enough already,” Weaver told reporters when asked what the chances were of a Weaver/James Cameron reunion sequel.

The actress, says, even went as far as to say she much preferred the character she plays in Cameron’s upcoming “Avatar” than that of gun-toting Ellen Ripley.

“I have to say I play a very dynamic character in Avatar, so it was fun to go back into space. I think it’s more satisfying to create something new.”

So is that that, or is Tom Rothman a cheque or two away from snagging Weaver for a fifth “Alien”?

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