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Batman gets the boot?

This sounds about as real as Pammy Anderson’s breasts…

Sam Worthington is tipped to replace Christian Bale as Batman, according to The Herald-Sun Newspaper.

According to the Melbourne-based newspaper, ”Industry gossip now suggests the rising Australian star could score the part of Batman in the third instalment of the successful prequel franchise. That could mean replacing Bale, his Terminator co-star and The Dark Knight lead, whose profile was damaged after his infamous “me, me, me” meltdown on the Terminator set, which recently hit the internet.”

This has got to be nonsense. I’m sure Warners could care less if Bale’s a bit of a cranky-pants on set – especially considering he’s already tied into doing two more “Terminator” movies for the studio. They obviously don’t have a problem with him. And yes, Batman, as a character, is bigger than the actor that plays him, but Warner would be well aware by know that audiences hate having to get used to seeing new actors behind the Cowl- remember the George Clooney incident? Nobody likes change. And surely Nobody would want to change anything about Christopher Nolan’s remarkable incarnation of the series!?

There’s no Burbank will toss Bale and put some other cat behind the cape. But more so, Sam Worthington is a good friend of Bale’s – there’s no way he’d even consider such an offer if it was presented to him. Sam might (The producers of “The Green Lantern” were said to be chasing him at one stage, but he’s too busy; the makers of the new “Phantom” movie are also keen to snag him) end up playing a superhero – but it won’t be one who used to look a little like Patrick Bateman. File this one alongside ‘Tobey Maguire replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal as Spider-Man’.

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