13 Rounds in Cena’s future?

Spoke to Wrestling superstar John Cena this morning about his new movie “12 Rounds”, and though obviously the box office will dictate whether it happens or not, The Massachusetts-born entertainer says he and Renny Harlin are already talking sequel.

“It’s totally based on the consumer but if this does well, Renny and I look forward to doing 13 Rounds” Cena says of the film in which he plays a detective jumping through hoops to rescue a kidnapped girlfriend.

Cena says he and Harlin (“Die Hard 2”, “The Cleaner”) are good friends now, and hope they get to work together on the sequel, but it wasn’t always like that.

“I think he was planning for the worst”, says Cena of “12 Rounds”. “He thought he was going to be working with a walking broomstick”.

“We laugh about it now, but he really didn’t know what he was going to get with me” laughs the actor. “He didn’t even know who I was. So it goes without saying that what attracted Renny to the project was the script”.

Meanwhile, Cena wants Twentieth Century Fox to know he’s waiting for the call to do the ”Predator” remake.

“Just to be a part of that team would be awesome”, Cena says of the 1987 film’s core cast of characters. “I’d be happy playing Governor Ventura’s character – the gum-chewing gun-toting [Blain].

Meanwhile, Cena says he’s about to start a new “still classified” film in June/July.

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