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Another Oz film for Chuck babe

“Chuck” babe Yvonne Strahovski is working two jobs while back in Australia.

The beautiful Oz-born actress isn’t only playing a role in director Daina Reid’s new comedy “I Love You Too”, but she’s filming a part in another film, a new untitled drama from “Malcolm” duo Nadia Tass and David Parker. Both films are lensing in Melbourne, thus making it reasonably easy for Strahovski to pull double-duty (and no doubt she’ll be getting to know a few Taxi Drivers).

The film’s screenplay was co-written by Lynne Renew and David Parker and is based upon the original “Love and Mortar” screen story written by Lynne Renew.

Nadia and David acquired an option on the fourth draft a little after after “Love and Mortar” received a 1998 Australian Writers Guild Best Unproduced Screenplay Nomination.

The film, which also stars Richard Roxburgh (“Van Helsing”), Jacinda Barrett (“The Last Kiss”), James Nesbitt (“Cold Feet”), and Kodi Smit-McPhee (“X-Men Origins : Wolverine”) is an inspirational family drama about love, infidelity, hope and the unbreakable bond between parent and child.

Here’s the synopsis we’ve been provided :

Life seems idyllic for Marisa (Barrett) and her son, Jack (Russell), until a poor performance at a school soccer match ends with Jack in hospital and Marisa trying to find her husband, David (Roxburgh.) David is, in fact, in the next suburb apparently planning to leave Marisa for his current mistress, with his phone off and not a care in the world. Jack is diagnosed with Leukemia and when David finally surfaces he learns that he is the key to Jack’s survival. If a matching bone marrow donor can’t be found on the world register, maybe there is some child of David’s out there from one of his flings? So Marisa looks back through his diaries, figures when he could have been having affairs, and goes out door knocking. Unsuspecting women face a desperate mother as Marisa searches high and low for possibilities and the full scale of David’s infidelity is revealed. Meanwhile, Jack befriends Finn (Smit-McPhee), a young Irish boy in the next bed hit by this dreadful disease whilst travelling the world with his father, Connor (Nesbitt). While Marissa feels hopeless and angry at the situation, Connor can only be positive – creating an imaginary world for his sick son. As the clock ticks, Marissa and Jack slowly form a bond with Connor and Finn, leading them on a path to self discovery, honesty and hope.

Twentieth Century Fox will distribute.

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