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Clint’s Bits – May 13, 2009

Hope the week is treating you well. Few bits and pieces floating around the web today that don’t actually call for their own story… so here’s the mish-mash we know, love… or simply dodge. Don’t forget you can keep up with the latest news, reviews, announcements (even if it’s regarding what I had for breakfast) at our Twitter page – Clint Morris, Editor

– Nicole Kidman has apparently exited Woody Allen’s new film. The pic, which was to also star Kidman’s good friend Naomi Watts, was set to film in the Summer. Variety has no idea who will replace the BMX Bandit.

– There is a god! Starz has announced they’re renewing the Rob Thomas-created sitcom “Party Down” for a second season. My buddy Adam Scott will return… with a producer credit! (Variety)

– Midnight Syndicate’s new horror pic “The Dead Matter” has finished principal photography.
“I am absolutely thrilled with how the movie came out,” says composer/director Edward Douglas. “I think it’s exactly what fans would expect from a Midnight Syndicate movie. Classic horror themes…very atmospheric, very creepy… and loaded with twists and turns that really pull you into the dark world we try to create on all our discs. It’s definitely a fun ride for fans who enjoy a good story and an old-school edge to their horror films.” Andrew Divoff (“Wishmaster”) and Tom Savini (“Lost Boys : The Tribe”) star.

Here’s a link to check out the uncensored ‘Mike Tyson’-centric clip from Warners’ “The Hangover”. Fuck, this movie looks funny! Speaking of clips, I believe this is a new clip of Scott Adkins in “Ninja”.

– Producer Ed Bass is making his directorial debut with “Belle,” the story of Belle Gunness, America’s most prolific female serial killer, which is being produced and financed by First Line Media. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– “Messengers 2 : The Scarecrow” has been announced for a July 21 bow on DVD. The prequel to the box office hit goes back to the farm to finally learn the story of John Rollins — the simple North Dakota farmer, struggling to save his farm and hold his family together. When he places a mysterious scarecrow in his field his luck changes for the better…but it may be at the cost of his sanity.

– A new pic of Sylvester Stallone, grabbing onto a plane as it takes off, can be seen over at Harry’s site. Still no word on which ‘big name’ has been cast to play ‘Church’ in the film.

– A film based on Philip K.Dick’s “Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said” is in the works at Halycon (“Terminator Salvation”).The Sci-Fi yarn tells of a celebrity who wakes up after an assassination attempt to find no one has ever heard of him. The book was set in a futuristic dystopian America that had become a police state following a second civil war. (Variety)

– Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst shingle is looking to turn the animated Web series “Blah Girls” into a TV property — and has found an unusual launching pad for the show. “Blah Girls” will debut on TV as a series of one-minute interstitials on the entertainment newsmag strip “The Insider” starting today. (Variety)

– Universal Pictures and Dark Horse Comics are gearing up to tell “The Secret.” The two companies have partnered with Scott Stuber to produce an adaptation of Mike Richardson’s graphic novel that Scott Milam will adapt. (Variety)

– What’s more stupid than the CW bringing back “One Tree Hill” for another season? The CW bringing back “One Tree Hill” without its star – Chad Michael Murray! (Ausiello Files)

– The ‘Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor Kiss Movie’ has found a distributor, according to Variety. (Still has to come out though!).

– 90s music sensation Alanis Morrisette is set to guest-star on the next season of “Weeds”, according to Coming Soon. The ex-shag of Ryan Reynolds will play a no-nonsense clinic obstetrician, “Dr. Audra Kitson,” who treats Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) in at least seven of the season’s 13 episodes.

– The original (and in my opinion, the best) “Terminator” film will hit Blu-Ray here in Australia in September, according to EzyDVD.

– Hunter Stephenson of Slashfilm has done a terrific interview with filmmaker Rob Zombie, largely concerning his upcoming “Halloween” sequel.

– Steven Gould, author of “Jumper” (which was made into a dreadful dud of a film a couple of years back), tells io9 that there might be a movie sequel (WTF? Does FOX know about this?!). ”[Director] Doug Liman has expressed a particular interest in an unspecified moment in the sequel Reflex, and I suspect it’s this twinning thing that Davy does, where he’s jumping to a place and back and forth to the point where he’s in both places at once, and a hole opens connecting the two places. So when he’s chained to a wall, he jumps back and forth to the ocean and all this water floods out of the hole. If ever there was a cinematic moment, that’s it. And then there’s this thing from Reflex where you have a very shadow-y Illuminati sort of government agency and they very much want to control jumpers. And that organization showed up in the scripts, but they ended up having to cut it because of budget. So that thread might show up.”

– A copy of “The Twilight Saga’s New Moon” script was found in the trash in St. Louis. Dare I say more? (Entertainment Tonight)

– A Couple of early pick-ups have been announced. Fox has picked up comic book drama “Human Target” and single-camera comedy “Sons of Tucson” to series. Meanwhile, NBC has passed on David E.Kelley’s latest, “Legally Mad”. (The Hollywood Reporter)

“Target,” from WBTV, DC Comics and Wonderland, emerged as an early front-runner and was the best-received pilot at the network’s screenings last week.

– Warner Bros has hired Evan Daugherty to pen the latest draft of “Grayskull,” the studio’s big screen “He-Man”. Justin Marks had written the previous draft. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– Kevin Costner is returning to the Western genre with a new miniseries project at A&E. The “Dances With Wolves” actor-director is developing a four-hour movie for the cable network. The untitled project has Costner partnering with producer Armyan Bernstein (“The Hurricane,” “Open Range”) to tell a post-Civil War story covering a major conflict in the settlement of the West. Costner will executive produce and might direct part of the miniseries. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– Despite not having a star (Zac Efron recently departed the flick) Paramount has set their “Footloose” remake for a June 18, 2010 release. (Coming Soon)

– Christopher ‘Mink’ Morrison tells us that although things have gone a bit quiet on the oft-mentioned “Mortal Kombat” remake things “are still stewing”. Meantime, Mink is working on a project called “Ninja Gaiden” – based on the video-game of the same name.

Film Recommendation of the Day

Cannonball Run – If you took my Twitter suggestion yesterday and watched “Smokey and the Bandit”, you’ll want to follow that up with another ‘Burt’ classic, “Cannonball Run”! What a fun fuckin’ film this was! It was the “Ocean’s Eleven” of it’s day – with a Who’s Who of Hollywood! and some genuinely piss-funny laughs! Catch the late, great Dom DeLuise in one his best parts!

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