Exclusive : Arnie asked back for Predators

Update! : Again, can I just reiterate that Arnold has not spoken to Rodriguez about this … yet. It’s just talk (Ab King sent me an email this morning saying he’d heard that Arnold has signed for the film – but it’s not true, not according to my sources). I stand by the scooper below though, who suggests Arnold has been asked to chat about the film – he/she would/should know. I’d love to say who the scooper is, to prove his/her legitimacy, but they’ve asked me not to. And that’s fair enough. Guess we’ll find out in twelve months or so whether or not big Arnie does end up in the film.

Here’s what my original source emailed today : “I’ll stick by what I’ve heard, which as I said, isn’t much, but it’s the best answer I can give your reader AB King – someone has, or plans to, reach out to Schwarzenegger about the movie. Now I don’t know whether they just want to get his feelings on it, or, whether or not they want to see whether he’s interested in or not, but someone has emailed someone… but there’s been no meeting as far as i know. It’s also true that Arnold’s character featured in the original, original draft – – and that it’s changed since then. Suppose all I can say to AB king is that he can keep on hoping the cameo comes to fruition“.

Here’s the original story :

I had the opportunity to talk to someone fairly closely connected to Troublemaker studios about the upcoming ‘’Predators’’ (a flick that initially had me drowning in a pool of angst sweat … right up until it was revealed the film wouldn’t be a remake, but a sequel) this morning. I’d been making calls for a day or two, looking into a rumour we’d been tipped off to. Ab King, the renowned Schwarzenegger-spruiker of the www, got in touch yesterday and said he’d heard from an anonymous source that Rodriguez had ”reached out to Schwarzenegger” in recent days. But even Ab couldn’t be sure, so I promised I’d look into it. I finally got onto someone in-the-know this morning, who confirmed that Rodriguez is indeed courting Schwarzenegger for the movie – but so far it’s a one-way conversation.

“Robert’s camp has just reached out to Arnie’s [camp]”, we were informed. “But they haven’t had a response yet”.

Now that doesn’t mean Arnie’s blocking Rodriguez’s calls, nor does it mean he’s waiting for a bag of cash to be transferred to a locker at Union station, it simply means the guy is busy (being Governor) and hasn’t had a chance to get back to Rodriguez yet. Obviously, with the start date coming up pretty quickly on the project, they’re going to want an answer sooner rather than later but there’s still time for Arnie to agree to lend his, er, canons to the movie.

A second source gave us some info on the script, and what Schwarzenegger’s involvement would be, but since the above scooper (who has been reliable quite a few times before) couldn’t vouche for it, I’ll remove that bit until we get confirmation.

“Predators”, produced by Rodriguez, will hit theaters July 2010.

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