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Carter on Millennium movie

The chaps behind a campaign to get a feature-film version of “Millennium” – the “X-Files” spin-off starring Lance ‘Bishop’ Henriksen – checked in with an update on how things are going.

‘’Lance was recently approached by several independent investors looking to finance [the movie]”, Troy Foreman of says in an email. ‘’We passed this basic information on to a couple of sites and before you know it, it went viral. Over a 150 websites in 2 days. Unfortunately what happens is the news gets twisted a bit. Our information went from Lance being approached by investors to a Millennium movie being made without Chris Carter, which is not true.’’

So would Carter do it?

In a recent interview with BacktoFrankBlack, the TV vet said “..if someone called up and said ‘would you consider doing this [a Millennium movie]?’ I would certainly consider doing it… I’ve always had an idea who’d be in that movie but I won’t tell you who that is! .. It would be about sitting down with Lance [Henriksen] figuring out how he felt.”

In response, Henriksen told the site “I’m ready to pack my bags and travel to wherever Chris is staying and talk Millennium. I’m more than willing to conspire with Chris’ creativity to make this happen.”

“Millennium” is set during the years leading up to the year 2000. The plot line followed the investigations of an ex-FBI Special agent Frank Black, into serial murderers, which were often involved with both the supernatural and a sub-governmental authority known as the Millennium Group and their prophecies for an oncoming apocalypse. Many of the unsolved questions of the series were answered on The X-Files seventh season episode, “Millennium”.

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