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Paranormal Activity 2 for Halloween 2010!

It’s that over-opinionated son-of-a-lawyer in Brentwood, again.

Did you hear about this? “Paranormal Activity 2” is coming out – and soon!

Paramount are said to be rushing (and by rushing, I mean rushing) the sequel into theaters for Halloween! Yes, this Halloween!

Directing? Not surprisingly, one of the “Saw” guys.

Kevin Greutert, helmer of the lackluster (that’s when happens when you rush something) “Saw 6″, will helm. Interestingly enough, his “Paranormal Activity” sequel will be pitted against the seventh “Saw” movie at the box office (Yes Kevin, they are saying things behind your back over at the “Saw 7” set).

Oh this is sure to be great! (if only I had my webcam turned on so you could sell my smirk).

“Paranormal Activity” director Oren Peli is going to sit on the sidelines… producing… and counting his residual checks.

Michael R. Perry is writing the sequel to the 2009 hit. As yet there are no story details available – and *cough* not because there isn’t one. A story.

“Paranormal Activity” star Micah Sloat told Clint last year in regards to a sequel (though I do he, or the girl with the lovely jugs, will be back). ‘’One thing I do know is that they want the film to encompass the independent feel of the original, they’re not just going to make a Hollywood movie – like Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows”, he continues. ”They’re really sensitive to avoiding that trap. I think whatever they come up with is going to be pretty interesting’’.

I’m all for that – but “from the director of Saw 6” doesn’t actually scream imaginative and independent!

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