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Exclusive : Gale still keen on Wonder Woman

Rumours abound that “Justice League of America” is about to escape development hell and finally get back on track, with punters predicting a big announcement at the forthcoming San Diego Comic Con.
If it is indeed happening for real this time, it probably goes without saying that the studio will likely start afresh – ditching most of the previously-announced cast members (Teresa Palmer, Armie Hammer, Common, Adam Brody and D.J Cotrona were all onboard the film before it collapsed in February of 2008) in favour of some bigger names (they do, after all, need to compete with the all-star looming all-star superhero spectacle, “The Avengers)”.

Actress Megan Gale, originally attached to play Wonder Woman, tells Moviehole she doesn’t expect George Miller will be back – if only because he’s going to be pretty busy for the next few years with other projects.

“If it is indeed back on, it’d be interesting to know who’s directing it – because George Miller [who was originally attached to direct the film before it fell apart] is going to be busy with the new Mad Max film for the next couple of years”, Gale, out stumping her new film, “I Love You Too”, said yesterday.

Gale admits she doesn’t “know anything” about the latest rumour though, so will just continue hoping that she does indeed get to play Wonder Woman on the big screen in the near future.

“I’d love to do it”, says the actress, confirming she’d been doing fight-training for the film in the lead up to its planned shoot. “And I’d love to see it happen.”

There’s a bit of a “superhero” connection to Gale’s latest film, “I Love You Too”, too – an “Incredible Hulk” watch plays an important role in the film.

Writer Peter Helliar explains that “we had to get [Marvel’s] permission to feature it. And there’s a scene at the end of the film where Yvonne Strahovski dresses up in a generic superhero costume – originally, that was going to be a Spider-man costume. And it would’ve been great if she could’ve dressed as Spider-Man but it would’ve been tough trying to convince them to let us use the likeness, so we settled on the generic one.”

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