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Rhames talks next Mission, Piranha sequel

Rhames talks next Mission, Piranha sequel

As a producer, and someone that has enquired about the actor’s availability from time to time, I can tell you Ving Rhames is expensive. He is. That man gets paid a fat fee -no matter how small or insignificant the role – and if you can’t meet it, bugger off. But hey, Rhames deserves it – a lot of the time he’s the beacon in an otherwise dim flick (“Piranha 3D”, “Undisputed”, “Mission : Impossible 2”) but mostly, he’s great. His performance in “Pulp Fiction” remains one of my all-time favourite performances by an actor. No BS.

Paramount have seemingly balked at the idea of paying Rhames that fat fee of his to appear in “Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol”. Though it’d been announced that Rhames was set to reprise his role as Luther Stickwell (from the first three “Mision” flicks) in the Tom Cruise sequel, there’s a chance we mightn’t see the character now. If we do, it’ll be a fleeting appearance.

Rhames tells MovieWeb that budget cuts over on “Ghost Protocol” may prevent a Luther Stickwell appearance.

“I may be doing something very small in Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol but I will just say that the budget changed dramatically and I’ll leave it at that.”

Rhames hints of a cameo at best.

“Hmm… Cha-ching could create that but it’s up to them.”

Paramount mightn’t have the cash to pay Rhames his going fee (heh) but Dimension seemingly does.

Rhames told Bloody Disgusting that he may be reprising his fish-chopping law-enforcer from “Piranha” for the recently-announced sequel.

“They’re talking about [it], because you don’t necessarily see me die – and even though I’m not in the film that much, people responded to my character. So that’s why they’re talking about doing something. But I think they’re writing it as we speak.”

“Piranha 3DD” will be written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan and directed by John Gulager – all three, of course, worked on “Feast”.

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