Exclusive : Wahlberg on upcoming projects

Brief updates on Uncharted and the Entourage movie

Mark Wahlberg had to suffer through a conversation with a sickly, squeaky movie website editor today. Poor guy. But I did warn him up front that Demi Moore would be standing in today, and he was cool with that. As you would be. Much better than picturing a scruffy pale Aussie with a volcanic bout of pneumonia on the other end of the line, right?
But seriously, great guy and just divinely appreciative that, even in my poorly state, I’d take time out to chat to him about a film he’s undeniably passionate about – “The Fighter”. The pleasure was all mine, sir. Terrific movie. Great performance.

The interview will run in a week or so – it’s one of a dozen or so interviews I’ll have to transcribe before mid January – but for the moment I thought I’d let you know what Mr. Wahlberg had to say about a couple of his upcoming projects (sorry, I didn’t touch on the upcoming stuff too much, I was too interested in speaking about “The Fighter” and his insane exercise and boxing regiment).

Firstly, Wahlberg is indeed – despite the incessant requests to see Nathan Fillion cast instead – set to play Nathan Drake in the feature film version of Playstation game series “Uncharted“.

There’s suggestion’s Wahlberg’s not a lock, even talk that the film’s nowhere near happening, but according to the actor it’s happening… and sometime mid-year.

”David O’Russell is writing right now and hopes to direct”, Wahlberg says. “It’s myself, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro”.

The musician cum actor says they’re “hopefully going to shoot it in the Summer time”.

Wahlberg, currently in New Orleans starring in and producing “Contraband”, also reassured this ‘Entourage’ fan (Man, I don’t know how I’ll cope when the show sails off into the sunset) that Vinnie Chase and co. weren’t going anywhere.

The upcoming “Entourage” film, which will get underway when the series ends, isn’t going to be a one-off.

”It will hopefully be the first of at least three Entourage films”, says Wahlberg, executive producer of the hit HBO series.

Look out for the interview with Wahlberg shortly.

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