Exclusive : General Zod teams with The Lost Boys for Pan

Stamp joins Aaron Eckhart in J.M Barrie twist

The Aaron Eckhart starring “Pan”, a twist on J.B Barrie’s guy-in-green-skirt yarn from our childhood, is about to get underway at long last. Y’all know of this one, right? It’s based on a terrific little script by Benjamin Magid that places the characters from Peter Pan in modern-day USA. Eckhart is Captain Hook and Sean Bean is Smee, cop buddies on the hunt for a nutty killer, Pan. AnnaSophia Robb is playing Wendy, a young girl who escaped the clutches of Pen and teams with the police force to help catch him.
Anyway, keeping with the ‘cool cast’ they’ve already lined up for the thing, someone on the production tells us that Terence Stamp (“Superman II”, “The Adjustment Bureau”, “Wall Street”, “The Adventures of Priscilla”) has signed on for a role in the film. I’m guessing he’s not playing the Gator or a Lost Boy but I’m open to surprises.

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