Exclusive : Where’s the Simpson’s Movie sequel at?

Show’s executive producer tells it like it is

Things were looking Grim for TV’s highest-rated animated series a couple of weeks back, but “The Simpsons” executive producer Al Jean helped convince Moe to keep the bar open a few more years, Mr Burns to continue hatching evil plans, and Maggie to keep on her with her plight to one day lose the diaper. It’s a testament to the strong relationships formed on the hit Twentieth Century Fox series that the show not only continues but has lasted as long as it has.

But does Jean have the ability to convince everyone it’s time to write up some contracts and nut out a script for another big-screen “Simpson’s Movie”?

Maybe, but he’s not interested. Not yet anyway.

Jean, speaking to Moviehole today for the release of the show’s 14th season on DVD, says a sequel to the cashy “Simpson’s Movie” isn’t on the cards. And there won’t be one unless someone who comes up with a worthwhile script. Though there was a rumour last year that a storyline existed for a possible sequel, Jean says there’s been no movement on Bart’s next box-office battering.

Says Jean :

I had always felt it would be best to wait after the series concluded to do the Simpsons Movie, but when it became clear the show might never end, we decided we had to get cracking on the film. If there is a sequel, there would have to be a script we believed in as much as the first one. At the moment we are concentrating solely on the show.

What do you guys think? Should there be a second “Simpson’s Movie” before the show ends?

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